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Employing the best...

Over the past 10 years online business requirements have changed massively and companies now often require multiple domain names and combined support across an array of platforms.

This growth seems set to stay and through our proven track record in knowledge and reliability - we can give you the confidence that Wickmedia.NET will meet your growing and changing needs.

17p in every pound is spent online!
"The 2nd Industrial Revolution" Jonathan Maitland (The Tonight Programme - November 2009)
42 Million UK Shoppers, shop online - that's a 71% growth in the last 2 years 17p in every pound is spent online resulting in approx £68 Billion UK trade being done on the internet in 2009 compared to £87 million in 2000.

Through our strong relationships with “Best in Class” suppliers, we believe that the use of specialist facilities is fundamental to our offering. We believe in Personal Support and only employ dedicated, UK based customer support, we will not only help set everything up, but are then committed to meeting your needs as your requirements evolve.

Our comprehensive range of products and services are underpinned by reliability, usability and personal support.

Design and Development

Wickmedia have over 20 years experience in the design and development of company identity, branding and web design as well as printed literature. We have seen fledgling business grow into large operations and have supported the growth on every front. Small portfolio sites have evolved into large e-commerce / database driven sites and at each stage Wickmedia have successfully fulfilled the challenges.

This gives us a true grass-roots insight into how the real demands of businesses can change rapidly. With this added advantage, we are in the best possible position to offer full support for your website and communication needs no matter how complex or unique.

Whether you are simply testing the water with some online presence for a new idea or a larger organisation needing multiple exchange accounts across several domains, Wickmedia can tailor a solution to suit.

...and of equal importance, we can offer the ability to change and adapt to meet your growing needs.